EAMDA established secretariat office

We have established secretariat office to provide solution on expansion of our activities. In that way, we believe to make our organization more recognizable and accessible to the community. For secretariat office contacts please check the following link http://www.eamda.eu/secretariat/

ERN on priorities and contra-indications for COVID-19 vaccinations

European Reference Networks (ERNs) is formed by experts in rare diseases. All ERNs provided their opinion on the priorities and contraindications for patients with a rare disease within their network. The results are summarized in this document and were discussed during the internal ERN-Coordinator group meeting of January 27th, 2021. For more please read this […]

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We are looking for national representatives to publish local NMD news here. Please contact us.

Latest news

WMS guidelines on COVID-19 for NMD community - update May 11, 2020

For update 11.5.2020 follow this link (for translations visit https://www.worldmusclesociety.org/news/view/150 ) The category of neuromuscular disease (NMD) covers a wide range of different diagnoses with widely varying levels of disability…

TISMA - Together in SMA

We are happy to introduce you TISMA - Together in SMA web page which is dedicated to SMA awareness https://hcp.togetherinsma.eu/

World Muscle Society guidelines on COVID-19 for NMD community

For update 20.4.2020 follow this link (for translations visit https://ern-euro-nmd.eu/covid-19-and-people-with-neuromuscular-disorders-world-muscle-society-position-and-advice/ ) The category of neuromuscular disease (NMD) covers a wide…

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