About us

EAMDA is the European Alliance of Neuromuscular Disorders Associations and works to support and improve the quality of everyday life of people with neuromuscular disorders (NMDs).

 It was established in 1974 in London, UK. Later EAMDA has been moved to Valetta, Malta and in 2008 to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

EAMDA brings together neuromuscular disorders associations across Europe, with the aim to advocate the rights and interests of people living with NMDs, to raise awareness, to promote research activities and knowledge sharing, to help reduce the consequences of disability and to support efforts towards new treatments for neuromuscular diseases.

One of our main ambitions, as a European umbrella organization, is to show everyone that regardless severe and progressive neuromuscular disorders, we can still contribute and benefit the society we live in. That is why EAMDA’s efforts are related to building a united network of cooperation and interaction, all with the objective of providing opportunities for people with NMDs, to live quality lives in a friendly, unbiased society.

We strongly believe that together we are much stronger in our efforts of building a better future for the NMD community across Europe!