Our values

EAMDA’s main value is to be collective influential voice of people with neuromuscular disorders (NMD) on European level. Our organization established united network for collaboration between different NMD associations and to increase public awareness about neuromuscular disorders. EAMDA supports NMD associations and their activities around Europe and we work together to improve the life of people with NMD. Our organization participates in different activities, which can enhance the cooperation between NMD associations on national and European level. We believe that together we can improve the quality of life of people with NMD and we can acquire equal treatment in terms of accessibility, personal assistance, independent living and full participation in the daily life of the community. Our organization’s values are to represent, protect and enforce the rights of people with neuromuscular disorders. EAMDA believes that together with other European and national NMD organizations, we can provide useful exchange of information in the field of quality healthcare, social services, professional education, employment and technical innovations. One of our main values as European umbrella organization for people with NMD is to show people with NMD that we have to stand together, if we want to raise our voices and to be equal members of the society. That’s why part of EAMDA’s values is to build united network for cooperation and interaction and to provide opportunities for people with NMD to live quality life in friendly and non-biased society.